Driven by performance and inspired by the journey, I am obsessed with the concept of experience and make sure to make every moment one of the kind.

Walking on stage with sheer confidence and an attitude to show everyone how it is done has always driven me forward and has been my passion.

Having a decent amount of experience across different genres I feel comfortable working with most of my co-models, designers, and photographers.

Taking about the brute on-field experience I have been associated with the KAIROS for a long time now.
I’ve loved every step I’ve taken so far and made sure I learn at every step to improve myself as a model and as a better human being.

For me, personally, success has always been a factor but I believed winning takes just more than raw practice, it needs passion and a will to make take that step in the right direction.

As a model, I am always available for collaboration with designers and open to PAID photo shoots.

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